By: Caroline Bell

Photos by: Julia Hartlep

While sitting in the sea of delegates tuning in to the lucky proposal author that made in plenary, it became apparent that if you weren’t sitting close to the front it was hard to see and hear all the action. The YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly staff realized this and, just like what delegates are trying to do with their proposals, they tried to make change to happen. In fact, they made $30,000 worth of change.

There have been many new additions to Heaton Hall, Eureka Hall, the Amphitheater and the Blue Ridge Center. The controller for Blue Ridge Assembly, Erin Carter, says the updates are “so important to keep everything relevant and to keep the groups coming back and to provide y’all with the best opportunity and the best technology we could give you.” There has been 80+ inch TVs added to Heaton Hall and the Chapel of the BRC.

Although they are updating the facility, they make sure to keep the original feeling of Blue Ridge. An adviser for the Model UN delegation, Alex Wolkomir, says there is an “interesting balance of bringing in technology while also maintaining the outdoor feel that makes Blue Ridge so special.”

Along with new technology there have been upgraded wooden doors and completed glass paneling added to Eureka Hall. In addition, chairs were added to ensure all delegates have a comfortable place to lounge. Carter also informed the media team that there has been outdoor work to add even more beauty to the already astonishing Amphitheater.