By: Julia Hartlep

Photo by: Julia Hartlep

Vivienne Garner

Trying things for the first time is always stressful and anxiety-inducing. This can be especially true for CONA- something that we have all worried about at one point. However, the butterflies in our stomach are also from excitement.

Arriving at the mountain, we all had different expectations- and by the end of the week the reality has either fell short, met, or exceeded them. (Hopefully it’s the latter!) This week, we’re going to examine the expectations of different first-year delegates- and how the realities compare. 

Vivienne Garner, from the Republic of Texas (pictured above) said that, by the end of this week, she expects “to understand how different people who think very differently can successfully work together.” This is a common goal for delegates, as one of the main aspects of CONA is the multitude of different backgrounds and opinions from all over the country.

Similarly, Jacey Matthews from the New Jersey delegations said that she expected “to hear many different perspectives and meet lots of cool people!”

Another first-year delegate had an uplifting experience. “I expected the worst… but I have so far been pleasantly surprised!” said Jessica Armijo from the New Mexico delegation. This describes the experience of many, many delegates, who have found ways to overcome the daunting, yet rewarding, tasks that CONA can offer.

As this week progresses, you too, whether you’re a first-year or returning delegate, can ensure that this week exceeds all expectations!