joey compton carries flag by Amelia

Joey Compton carries American Flag at opening ceremony. PHOTO by Amelia Blair

On this day, 242 years ago, the declaration of independence was signed making America an officially independent nation. As the week of CONA happens to fall on July the Fourth every year, it is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the patriotism each of us feels here on The Mountain. In order to articulate this feeling, we asked delegates what they would give America if she was here in human form.

Answers ranged from tangible items to physical experiences that delegates could gift to America to help celebrate her 242 years of providing citizens with life, liberty, and happiness.

Delegates answers included:

  • A pet eagle
  • A private concert with “the real Queen of America,” Beyonce
  • Liberty and Justice for all
  • A 24 pack of Bomb Pops
  • A tapestry of the Constitution
  • A gift receipt to a spa retreat, for “much-needed” relaxation
  • A big hug
  • Glasses to see clearly
  • A flashlight so she can find her way in the dark
  • A cute kitten because “everyone deserves something warm and fuzzy”
  • The opportunity to be on here The Mountain and just enjoy life

The media team even had the distinct honor of obtaining an answer from a real politician and former delegate, Kenneth Gordon Mullinax, Jr., who has not had the opportunity to come back to The Mountain since he was a P.O. in the year 1977. His answer dove into the political reality of America today and what he believes our country truly needs.

Mr. Mullinax said, “I think America for the Fourth of July needs a big dose of tolerance. We need to be tolerant of our fellow brothers and sisters that live here in this country, as well as those who are visiting. After all, if you’re involved in being religious whatsoever, the Golden Rule is what it’s all around. Tolerance is my gift to America.”

As we celebrate the Fourth of July on this beautiful mountain, consider, what would YOU give America for her birthday?

By Ashley Hatch, CO and Gloria Ogunlade, TX