It is almost impossible for delegates on The Mountain to go a day without socializing and meeting new people, but CONA’s Tuesday night dance is the first official social event of the week. This year’s theme is a Holiday Hoopla and delegates are encouraged to dress to represent a holiday.

person pinpointing pen on calendar

Choose your favorite day of the year and celebrate it at tonight’s dance!

There is sure to be some creativity stemming from popular holidays, such as Christmas and July the Fourth, which is right around the corner. Some delegates, though, have decided to go beyond nationally recognized holidays and dress to represent what Oklahoma State Director Whitney Chandler calls “made-up” holidays.

“We’ve heard of people doing National Twin Day, and we’ve got a Donut Day,” Whitney said. “You could be anything you want; if you’re wearing all green, you could be Arbor Day.”

This entertaining, informal dance will have a few changes this year that may excite delegates. The CONA Planning Committee has hired a DJ to come emcee the occasion, which is something that hasn’t happened for several years. Whitney, a committee representative, said the dance will also feature new light decorations that give out a different feel.

This dance is planned to be an opportunity for delegates to socialize, get involved and have fun without having to go all out.

“[Delegates] have had a lot of hard work all week, sitting in committees, being very serious and concerned about their proposal,” Whitney said. “Some get nervous or anxious to stand up and speak in committee so this night is a night for them to relax, be kids and have a good time. They have a chance to hang out and have fun with people that they’ve been debating with in committee for days.”

By Gloria Ogunlade, TX