One of the most popular and well known traditions of the CONA conference is the opportunity to trade delegation shirts. Delegates all over the conference look for their favorite shirts or the most rare shirts to trade. This year many states have designed shirts that are important and specific to them and their state. One state has designed a shirt that was aimed at inspiring other delegates and youth around the country.

DelewareShirtFrontAt the beginning of the week delegates had the opportunity to retweet and like their favorite shirt on social media. Delaware’s shirt won this contest so let’s learn a little more about this shirt.

Shirt designer, Lucy Zuo shared with us that the shirt began with an idea from her advisor, Toph Patterson. Because Lucy designed the shirt for the past years conference, she was also tasked with designing the Delaware CONA shirt. Surprisingly, this is only the second experience that Lucy has ever had with any type of physical design! Even though she is still learning she is very pleased with the design.


Delaware’s hashtag crazed shirt has an important meaning behind it. This importance spreads not only through Delaware and CONA but youth through out the country. Lucy explains “In this past decade, we have seen the rise of social media being used for advocacy. In these past few years, this concept really came to life as there were SO many advocacy campaigns promoted through hashtags…this social media revolution encourages youth involvement where that was not necessarily prevalent before. This design highlights how involved the youth have become with their communities and the world around them. And at a conference of youth such as this one, that concept should most definitely be brought to light, praised, and encouraged.”

As for how they chose the hashtags on their shirt Lucy attributes credit to another Delaware delegate, Sarah Jones, as well as others that provided her with lists and example of hashtags and causes they wanted to feature on their shirt. Lucy also says she used the ever popular tool Google.

Delaware chose the colors of the shirt because the Delaware state flag is blue and gold. The chose a different blue than the flag because they like the color scheme of navy with gold better.

While the Delaware shirt as a whole is amazing and inspired, Lucy says her favorite part is the negative space on the back of the shirt in the shape of Delaware in the middle of all the hashtags. Lucy would also like to note that in the hashtags you should look for the small one that states, “#YIGnotYAG” as it is a Delaware YIG trademark!

By Ashley Hatch