The role of the presiding officer is to maintain decorum amongst delegates and to ensure that every delegate gathered here on The Mountain has an enjoyable time. To be selected as a presiding officer is a great honor awarded to delegates who have been Copy of Zoe Bloomfield_by Caroline Bell.jpegchosen by committee. Today in an interview with Monday’s presiding officer, Zoe Bloomfield, she shared her thoughts and feelings on all things CONA 

The first thing Zoe shared was what it meant, specifically to her, to act as a presiding officer for the conference. “Being someone that can facilitate something so the delegates enjoy it to the umpteenth degree,” she said. Back in her New Jersey state programs Zoe was very active, “it was the thing [she] spent too much time on, probably more than homework,” she said recounting the four years she’d spent in both Youth and Government and model legislative conference. It was clear to see that both were near and dear to her heart. She came back to The Mountain this year because “this is the epitome of everything [she] loves about the program… [conference] was a place with such varied opinions and yet there was so much comfort so much empowerment.”  

The conference in general means a lot to Zoe and it showed in her passion as she spoke about the program. Beyond the program, Zoe is working on a dual degree in which she will spend two years in France at La Science Po, and then two years in America at UC Berkeley. Ultimately, her hard work will culminate in a bachelor’s degree from both universities. Zoe seems very excited to work on the program this year, and it’s that excitement that makes it clear to see that this year’s conference will be well looked after by all of our presiding officers.