“Difficult and complex issues, from abortion to our country’s role in the world, will be debated here. It’s inevitable that we’re going to disagree. So are we unified? Can unity only be found in uniformity? No. Our unity here is derived from our diversity. At CONA, the nature of your beliefs does not dictate the platform that you have to speak.”

Blake Sloane, Opening Ceremony

Blake Sloane believes that his job as a presiding officer is to be a facilitator and to serve every delegate in order to help them have the best CONA experience possible. He wants to make sure delegates are able to use CONA as a platform for their voices to be heard. Blake says, “I can’t think of a single experience in my life that I’ve grown more from, than coming to CONA each year.”

Copy of BlakeSloane by Abbie

Blake Sloane speaks to delegates at opening ceremony. Photo by: Abbie Skladan

Blake loves CONA because it gives him the opportunity to meet new and amazing people. More than that though, he loves the fact that he can learn more about people’s perspectives and why they believe what they believe. Blake began participating in YAG during his freshman year of high school. During those year he ran as a sergeant at arms, served as a committee chair as well as a party chair, and ran for California YAG Governor. Blake was among of the top five candidates for governor. Currently Blake is studying at the University of Arizona where he is majoring in political science with a concentration in international relations and he is minoring in economics and Middle Eastern studies. He has even had the opportunity to learn Arabic! As for the future, Blake sees himself working in politics but is considering going into the military after school.

By: Ashley Hatch, CO