CONA is known for many traditions, making the student government conference not only a way to debate, share and learn new concepts but also a way to socialize by taking part in tradition and having fun. Here on The Mountain, Seersucker Tuesday is a way for students across states and delegations to unite and show off their own style in the thin, patterned fabric.

Seersucker Tuesday is derived from the similar U.S. Senate tradition of Seersucker Thursday where, for the occasion, senators put on the material for a change from their usual business suits. Seersucker’s key trait is that it is a lightweight material, making it perfect for the humid heat of Blue Ridge Mountains. The popular tradition stems from the 1990s, when Mississippi’s U.S. Sen. Trent Lott designated a warm mid-June day to become a day of comfort. His goal was to make sure that people saw senators as more than stern lawmakers. This tradition is still around today, and, as it continues, so does the CONA tradition.

During the 2017 conference, Seersucker Tuesday landed on the same day as the Fourth of July.  Students either chose between the two outfit traditions or combined them. This year, the days are consecutive, so delegates will have the entirety of Tuesday to show out in their seersucker.

Delegates get excited every year to participate in this assembly-wide fashion show, and there is usually a large turnout of different seersucker attire. The same expectation for this year’s conference stands, and we’re excited to see what delegates have planned for tomorrow’s captivating tradition.

By Gloria Ogunlade, TX