“You’re probably sitting behind someone who lives hundreds of miles away from you, in a city or town that looks at community values and norms in a completely different way than you. At CONA, we look at that difference, we celebrate that difference. We highlight that juxtaposition and try to have people from completely different sides of the aisle, solve the same issue, together.”

Will Lowry, Opening Ceremony

Will Lowry’s Youth in Government experience began quite differently than one might expect. He was playing the trombone in the sixth grade band, when a eighth-grade friend sitting next to him excitedly told him about a program in high school known as YIG. Will joined YIG his freshman year and has enthusiastically participated ever since.

Above all things, it was the myth of Cheerwine and the prospect of sitting on the porch of Eureka that brought Will to CONA in the first place. What brings him back to The Mountain is the knowledge that the delegates on the porch practicing discourse are the future leaders who have the potential to change the world. Will never would have dreamed he would have the opportunity to come back to The Mountain as a presiding officer. In fact, he was checking his Twitter account when his name was announced. Currently, Will is pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration and a minor in economics at the University of Michigan. He loves software development and hopes to go into app development and change healthcare through better user interface. You can find out more about Will and what CONA means to him in a special one-on-one interview tonight. Watch for our broadcast.

Story By Ashley Hatch, CO


Presiding Officer of the Day for Sunday, Will Lowry, MI, speaks during opening ceremonies. PHOTO by Abbie Skladan, NC