By Ashley Hatch, CO, Staff Writer

2017 Presiding Officer Julia Khan started Youth and Government at the middle school level when one day she carpooled with a neighbor to attend a meeting for YAG. During the meeting, Khan felt comfortable and enjoyed that her opinions were taken seriously. The first meeting prompted Khan to continue to come back, and she has now been attending for six years.

Khan offers this advice for delegates: “Every single person at this conference can teach you something important. It’s just up to you to go out and learn from them.” Khan also has an empowering message tailored toward young women: “Everything you have to say is valuable, important, and worth being heard, so don’t second guess yourself!”

Khan wants to share her last experience at CONA by bringing home the unique language spoken on the Mountain and sharing the true compassion that thrives in the conference atmosphere. Khan studies political science and Slavic studies at Barnard College of Columbia University. In the future, Khan wants to pursue a career in intellectual property law.