By Ashley Hatch, CO

Michigan native Parker Bunton became involved in Youth in Government after his impressive and advanced academic skills convinced his social studies teacher that he would be the perfect fit for YIG. While Bunton had an extensive knowledge set and incredible speaking skills, he was uninterested in YIG. It just did not seem like his calling. Then, during an open house at school, his teacher informed his father of the program. After that, there was no question about it, Bunton’s dad decreed Bunton would be involved in the YIG program. Within the first day of being at Youth in Government, though, Bunton felt as though he was where he belonged and it definitely became a place he actually wanted to be.

He wants new delegates to know that they should never give up. He explains that during his first year, he brought a proposal that did not generate a lot of debate, therefore it did not make it past Second Committee. Bunton gave up on giving speeches and getting called on during debates. The next year, he came back more engaged than ever, and he regretted the moment he gave up the previous year.

Bunton wants to take many happy memories home from his last conference, so that when life gets hard he can look back on this amazing week and know it will make him smile.

Bunton is pursuing a business major in supply chain management. He is working on a congressional campaign currently and is not planning on pursuing politics, although it is always an option.