By Ashley Hatch, CO Staff Writer

Smiling faces filled with Blue Ridge Spirit greeted new and returning delegates as they anxiously awaited the opening ceremony of the 50th YMCA Conference on National Affairs.

CONA Executive Director Sam Adams spoke to delegates about commitment. His speech was about different reasons we delegates may be here and the different things we may want to commit to. He leaves us with a simple message: “I hope you can find something to commit to, something positive, something lasting, and something that will benefit others.

Furthermore, the CEO and President of CONA Melissa Logan spoke about the history of the Blue Ridge Assembly. She talks about Dr. Willis D. Weatherford Sr. saying “he wanted to find a place where people could get away.” Finding Blue Ridge was a great victory for him and because of him, we are able to make countless memories on the Eureka Hall steps. As you venture through the week, make sure to make commitments to yourself, and to also have many joyous “Eureka!” moments.