By Colbie Cook, IN

Unlike most years when the CONA dance was held on the last day of the conference, this year’s exciting event was held earlier on and proved to be a tremendous success. Before the dance, delegations were getting each other pumped up, cheering and handing out glow sticks. Once everyone went inside, the dance was kicked off with some classic Rihanna and America’s favorite line dance, “The Wobble.” The hype continued as P.O Luke Davis taught each delegate how to dance, just like Kevin Bacon from Footloose with a step-by-step tutorial.

The night was filled with dance circle competitions, individual delegate competitions and a live slideshow showing everyone’s best moves. To top it off, delegates went out of their way to dance with all those around the room, encouraging each other. Kennedy Agee, IN commented, “The dance helped relieve stress and [made] me realize that we are equal and that teens can join together.”

Despite the heat that took over in the middle of the gym, the dance certainly was a night to remember. It didn’t matter who came from which state, or how comfortable a dancer was with their moves, Ware Pavilion was certainly the place to be last night.

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