By Colbie Cook, IN

Some might think of working side by side with complete strangers as an awkward and even frustrating task. With so many differences put upon states such as stereotypes and regional rivalries, it can be difficult for partnerships to work. Despite those differences, Committee Clerk Nora Ptacket (WI) and Committee Chair Andrew Jacobi (NY) broke down the barriers and fulfilled the four CONA core values.

Before CONA, Jacobi and Ptacket paved the way for the two to have a successful relationship. Jacobi messaged Ptacek while she was at Governor’s Conference, telling her they would be chair and clerk together. “He approached me way before CONA started, and I thought that was really friendly.” Right off the bat, Ptacket said she knew the pairing would be a good fit.

Respect for each other is one of the reasons why the chair and clerk are such great partners and friends. Jacobi knew about Ptacket’s success as Wisconsin’s governor and developed an appreciation for the delegation. Jacobi believes his trust in Ptacket is well placed.