Jack Densmore, TX


Orlando Bracelets (Jack Densmore, TX)

Three weeks ago in Orlando, Fla., tragedy struck when a gunman entered a gay nightclub, Pulse, and killed 49 people and wounded 53 others. It’s the deadliest mass shooting nationwide by a single gunman. The attack was also the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.

“It’s always a tragedy when America loses lives in any mass shooting, but the Orlando shooting hit very closely, because it was tied to the LGBT community,” Delaware delegate Mimi Luo said. In light of the tragedy, the Delaware delegation made bracelets to help support Orlando and the LGBT community for the Conference on National Affairs. On the bracelets is a quote from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony award acceptance speech, “love is love is love.”

“Delaware is a family, because our state conference is so small everybody knows everybody,” Delaware delegate Cody Edwards said. “When Orlando happened, we had everyone texting everyone to see if they were okay, and it was just such an intimate thing. So, we thought we have to do something to ensure, even on the mountain that everyone who is not from Delaware, understands we want to bring that family to everyone.”

Luo said the support from the rest of CONA is a reminder that the conference is a safe place. “They’re accepting of anyone and everyone no matter their race, nation of origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender identification,” Luo said. “It’s basically a reminder that people here do care about one another, no matter our political affiliation, or ideals. We believe that everyone is human, and everyone deserves a chance to live their lives out to the fullest.” Besides the bracelets, other delegates placed large, cardboard hearts in Eureka Hall that delegates can sign. Those will be sent to those affected by the Orlando shooting. ↔