Leah O’Neill, DE

At CONA, we celebrate our nation’s most patriotic holiday with some of the most patriotic people in America.

To Matt Gilreath, Indiana delegation, patriotism means “having a strong sense of pride in your country.”  Mabel D’Souza, Delaware delegation, says patriotism can be “associated with respect and love. It is the willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of your country.”

This Fourth of July, Alecia Blight, North Carolina delegation, defines freedom as “being able to be unique and be yourself without having anyone judge you and to be bold,” while Felix Li from Massachusetts distinguishes freedoms as “the ability to do what you want and to have access to the rights you deserve. Freedoms is to be able to express your opinion.”

CONA delegates stand proud and tall as we celebrate Fourth of July with a mutual respect for each of our unique standpoints on patriotism and freedom.