Nnemka AgbafeMichelle Chung, MA

While sitting in an airport on vacation seven years ago, the brilliantly talented Broadway

actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda picked up a biography on the first U.S. Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton. Seven years, 16 Tony nominations, 11 Tony awards and one Grammy Award later, Miranda has created a theatrical sensation that retells history in a way that both revitalizes our view on broadway musicals and history.

As a result of being so creatively composed, eloquently performed and refreshingly new, Hamilton has reached a broad and passionate audience (especially at CONA). Four delegations even made reference to the musical in their shirt — Virginia (Thomas Jefferson’s sweet, kissable home), Washington (the name of the resilient and fatherly figure to Hamilton), New York (the place where you too can be a new man) and Florida (not throwing away their shot to jump in on a trend).

Delegates from many other states have shown their love and appreciation for the musical as well, however. Vilas Annavarapu, DE, commented, “Honestly, I love the fact that Hamilton has this unique ability to make a character that seems so displaced from you seem so relatable. Why on earth would I care about some guy on the ten dollar bill, right? But telling Alexander Hamilton’s story and the story of the Revolution shows that the important qualities of human resilience, empathy and passion never really go away regardless of what time period you’re from.”

Similarly, Kate Canavan from CT remarked, “I think what’s really unique is that it portrays people who are usually written out of history like African Americans, Latinos and other minorities. Partially, everyone loves it just because of how unique it is in the musical sense, but also because of the really diverse cast and how everyone can see themselves in all of the characters.”

Hamilton has made an impact on the way history is taught to younger generations, and delegates should not waste their shot to hear Miranda’s masterpiece. We can’t wait to see how else this musical sensation will continue to blow us all away.