By Essence Jones, IN
Editor in Chief
finnMost delegates join YIG or YAG at some point during their high school career. Some are even lucky enough to join in middle school. A small, select group grow up as YIG/YAG babies. These unofficial delegates are often seen around state conferences and CONA, innocently taking in all that YIG and YAG has to offer. Virginia advisor Sharon Davies brought a new addition to the CONA family this year. The official CONA cherub, also known as Finn Davies, is five months old, and like his mother, hails from Virginia.
Finn Davies already has begun his political career after having met both the governor and lieutenant governor of Virginia at three months old. For other babies, such accomplishments would be surprising, but for a YIG or YAG baby, this can only be expected as great things always come to those associated with these programs. Sharon Davies sat down for an interview and when asked how she believed the experiences Finn will have at CONA and YAG will influence him in the future she responded, “He’ll see that young people can make a difference, and it will be something that he’ll want to be involved with. He’s been a part of YAG for a very long part of his very short life.”
From this statement alone, we can all anticipate that the CONA cherub will grow to be an active CONA
campaigner. So, if you see the CONA cherub stop and speak to him. Who knows who he will become one day?