By Michelle Chung, MA

Typically, a T-shirt is just a T-shirt. However, in the world of CONA with passionate delegates full of pride and love for their home state, a T-shirt embodies a state’s identity and personality. With pictures ranging from Eureka Treats to Frozen references, notorious rappers to exotic novels, and colorful hearts to certain communistic apologies, these T-shirts are great in design and meaning, even inciting CONA delegates to swap their own gear outside the steps of Eureka Hall. Delegates were then asked to vote on their favorites through an online poll and the results may leave you laughing or with a warm heart.


5. SOUTH CAROLINA – “Bless Your Heart”
In the nicest way possible, this shirt offers the honest definition of the commonly used phrase in the state, “Bless your heart” that may make you feel thanked or just a bit confused.


4. ALABAMA – “Family of Alabama, The Tie That Binds Us”
With the state wrapped in a nice, red bow tie, the Family of Alabama embodied the idea of unity and spirit with their delegates.

california front

3. CALIFORNIA – “Thirsty in California”
Forced into the overwhelming heat and the dryness of their surroundings, this shirt pokes fun at how thirsty delegates from California might be (for water and in general).

oklahoma front   oklahoma back

2. OKLAHOMA – With a dreamcatcher and a buffalo representing the state’s animal and dreams, Oklahoma’s shirt captured the hopeful spirit of CONA.

Montana front  Montana back

1. MONTANA – “Home of …”
With more than 400 votes, the shirt designed by delegates of Montana shed light on Montana’s successes that helped shape the nation. Simple yet powerful, the words exemplified the idea that if one single state can bring about change and improvements, every state within the nation can do so as well, uniting the nation as a whole for a common cause.

Disagree with us?
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