Leah Schweibinz, NC and James Farnsworth, MN

Staff Writer and Social Media Manager


From bow ties to long ties, three-piece suits to two-piece and, for ladies, skirts and blouses, dresses or pant suits there are many options for CONA fashion. What delegates choose to wear says a lot about what they like and who they are. Delegates have different interpretations of what business casual or business professional is. “Business casual, to me, is more of the lax business formal. It’s skirts and flats instead of the heels and the traditional pantsuit. It’s more relaxed, but still classy and conservative,” explained New York delegate Erin Loftus.

During the conference, it is common to see a variety of classy styles, such as Lilly Pulitzer for the ladies and bowties for the guys. Since delegates that attend CONA are from all across the United States, people bring their own unique takes on business casual or professional and how they want to represent themselves.