Ali Renckens, Editor-in-Chief

Most of us dream of being like a fire: bright, impactful, and powerful. That is why we are here, right? To spark ideas so that we can change our country?

Last night, it was raining. It was cold. I was standing alone in the dark, trying to clear my spinning head. Out of nowhere, I saw a little flash. It was a firefly, its tiny light burning through the cold drizzle.

This has been an incredible week. But perhaps you feel a little disappointed in yourself, like you could have pushed yourself further or passed up an opportunity that may not present itself again.

These bleak drips can extinguish the joy of CONA. Instead of focusing on everything that went wrong or you could have done better, capture little, precious moments in a jar, like a smile, congratulations, or spirit fingers. And be sure to thank the people who created these small, significant moments.

After the debates are over, when we return to our respective states, these “little things” are what people remember the most. Naturally, we want to be blazing bonfires, but maybe if we bring home the smaller things, the little lightning bugs that happened here, we will glow bright enough to light up the world.