Carter Coudriet, NJ

Staff Writer

Looking for another way to remember your CONA experience? Look no further than the Blue Ridge Center, where the Blue Ridge Assembly Gift Shop offers items to commemorate the experience on the mountain. Designed to accommodate Blue Ridge’s many programs, the gift shop is usually open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Located up the stairs and to the left of the BRC’s lobby, the Blue Ridge Assembly Gift Shop presents a plethora of clothes and other keepsakes.

“We offer anything from carabineers to sweatshirts to stuffed bears,” said gift shop employee Susan Harvey from Texas. Harvey has worked in the gift shop for the past four summers.

Standard sales in the store include its water bottles (priced at $12.00) and its variety of t-shirts. However, recently added items, including the short sleeved hoodie ($18.00), have increased in popularity.

Along with serving the conference’s delegates, the gift store’s products are designed to accommodate the mountain’s environment. A new product launched by the store is its “insulated drinking cups,” which is a water bottle that maintains the cool temperature of its contents without sweating or damaging the furniture on which it sits. More importantly, as Susan described, the cups are “BPA free, which means none of [the chemicals] leak into your drinks.”

“I think it’s like Christmas, Hanukah, and Arbor Day all rolled into one reasonably priced gift bonanza”, said Tom Toman of New Jersey.

While the atmosphere of conference cannot be fully captured and taken off the mountain, the Blue Ridge Assembly Gift Shop gives delegates another way to bring a bit of the Blue Ridge Spirit back home with them.