Ali Renckens, Editor-in-Chief
Every day, CONA delegates climb mountains together. Not just the deadly slope between Lee Hall and the Blue Ridge Center, but mountains that most teenagers do not care or even know about.

From the foot of the mountain, it looks unconquerable. There are so many problems that are beyond our control, yet, with legislation and debate, we attempt to fix them. Why do we try to climb these mountains?

We climb the mountain to learn to help each other up. We climb the mountain because it has been placed in our path. We climb the mountain because, together, we can.

However, it is not until after we struggle to the top that we can realize what a beautiful place the mountain is. Side-by-side, we stare out at a distant world, blanketed in green growth and new life. It is not until later, as we walk down the mountain, that we can enjoy the wild, yet serene beauty of the place we dreaded just a few moments before.

We help each other up the mountain. And, together, we become like the mountain.