By Eriech Tapia,OK

With the conference coming to a close, delegates have chosen certain proposals to work their way through the process to be debated and voted on in General Assembly (GA). The proposals made it from First Committee all the way to GA. Out of some 600 proposals, only 32 make it all the way to General Assembly.

“I was hyped-up that my proposal made it to GA and extremely excited that my proposal passed,” said Mark Hagemann of the Model United Nations.

Some GA proposals pass, while many don’t. One that did pass was Proposal No. 137, which dealt with forming a cyber warfare corp. The Heaton Hall General Assembly overwhelming approved Hagemann’s proposal. Hagemann characterized getting ready for presenting as extremely nerve racking, but passing his proposal as the best.

Votes on some proposals come in really close. To pass a proposal, 51 percent of the delegates present must vote in favor of it. “I think that the size or the time you spent on your proposal doesn’t mean you should be disappointed if your proposal does not pass,” said Ny Jones of New York. It is the effort, the sharing of the idea and the learning that matters.

Aptly on Thursday, July 4th, the 10 highest ranking proposals go to a Plenary Session where they will be debated and voted by the entire conference.