Sydney Dorman

By: Eriech Tapia
During Third Committee, Proposal 82 captured the attention of Oklahoma Representative Joe Dorman, (D) House District 65, Rush Springs, OK. Sydney Salazar of Arizona drafted the proposal, which made it all the way to General Assembly and was passed with strong support.

“I want to applaud Sydney Salazar for a great debate and inspiring me to take this to the Oklahoma state legislature,” Rep. Dorman said.

The proposal will allow death row inmates facing execution to donate their organs. John Fields of Texas thought that the organs could have diseases and other problems,though Salazar quickly came back explaining that the organs would be tested like other transplant procedures done on people who are not on death row.

“If it does allow for one life to be saved, then that is a great thing,” Mackenzie Rowe of Multi State Maine said.

The proposal will be considered by the Oklahoma state review committee to make sure that the bill does not conflict with the Oklahoma Statue law. Then, after
reviewing the bill, Dorman will introduce it to the Oklahoma state legislature. I’m extremely happy that my proposal made it to the Oklahoma Legislature and I
hope it can make it to a vote,” Salazar said.
This is Salazar’s third year at CONA, but she has been coming to the mountain for five years. She worked as a volunteer on the mountain for several years in addition to attending CONA.

“I love coming to see Blue Ridge every year and getting to experience the spirit of  the place,” Salazar said. The bill can be monitored on the Oklahoma Legislature website