By Carter Coudriet, NJ

Staff Writer

As the two aspects of the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs, legislative and Media Corps delegates have many opportunities to interact. Missouri’s Tom Ratliff and Ohio’s Kyle Denman switched their focus areas and have an unique perspective on these two aspects of CONA

Tom Ratliff, Missouri
Ratliff was a legislative delegate last year. This year, he is serving on the Media Corps’ broadcasting team.

Q: What was your bill about last year, and how far in committee did you go?
A: The lack of production of certain cancer treating medicines. I didn’t make it out of First Committee.
Q: Why did you decide to switch from being a legislative delegate to a media delegate?
A: I’ve done media my entire life, and the only reason I did legislative last year is because all of our media spots were full.
Q: Has your legislative involvement helped your media experience?
A: Yes, because I have a better understanding of when to be at certain committees and when certain things are happening.
Q: Which area is better?
A: Media is 100 times better than legislative.

Kyle Denman, Ohio
Last year, Denman won the Outstanding Media Delegate award. This year, he is participating in the legislative program area.

Q: What did you do with media last year?
A: I worked in a little bit of broadcasting, I wrote a few stories, and I took a few pictures. I tried my best to get active in every part of media.
Q: Why did you decide to switch from being a media delegate to a legislative delegate?
A: Originally I was in legislative, but due to some complications in my health, I didn’t have time to write a bill. I decided to switch because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of CONA.
Q: Has your media experience enhanced your legislative experience?
A: I would say that it made me more confident. Being on broadcasting made me feel uncomfortable, but now I think it definitely boosted my confidence.
Q: Which area is better?
A: They’re both great in their own way