By Udi Onyile, MD and Aleja Newman, TX

Bright and early each day, the Conference Life Committee meets to discuss compliments, concerns and suggestions of the fellow delegates.

During Monday’s meeting, Patrick Flanigan from Louisiana praised clerk Keenan Roarty from Delaware on his encouragement to participants of his committee. Flaningan described how Roarty wrote notes to the delegates on how well they did or a simple compliment. This behavior proves how encouraging delegates are.

Molly Koch from Virginia addressed a delegate’s question about drawing on a placard. Presiding Officer Alex Rodriguez made it clear that defaced placards most likely will go unrecognized during Third Committee, General Assembly and Plenary.

Another question brought up today during CLC by Nolan Edmonson of the New Jersey delegation concerned technology policy. The PO’s said electronics can be used during committees ONLY to read speeches. Other than that, the PO’s highly encourage delegates to visit the resource advisors in the Eureka Room in Lee Hall. They will be able to help you with questions pertaining to other proposals, since it is assumed that research on your proposal was done beforehand. These experts include:
• Public Defenders
• Congressional staffers
• An economist
• A marine ecologist
• A city planner

PO Kahn Branch highly encouraged delegates to, “check the resource room before you check your phone.”

No concern was left unheard. Lauren Courtney of the Michigan delegation even brought up the concern of ants within her building. Monday morning’s discussion showed just how much the CLC group, even at seven in the morning, is ready to make CONA a better experience for tomorrow and beyond.