By Aleja Newman, TX
Staff writer
This year delegates have been told many times to make new friends, however, some forget about the potential pals within their own delegations. There are many ways to strike up new conversations, the weather, favorite eureka treat flavors, and of course cheesy pickup lines. A few favorites include:

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want me to walk by again?” Addison Arnold, KY

“I lost my number can I have yours?” Amy Sims, AL

“Do you wanna trade shirts?” Harry Thomasian, MD

“Girl, you’re Uranium and I’m Iodine ‘cause all I can see is U and I.” Alex Rodriguez, PO

“Are you from Tennessee? … Oh wait, you’re only a nine and I’m the only one you need.”John Fields, TX

“I’m new in town, can you give me directions to your house?” Katie Alsup, OK

A charming and handsome group of Kentucky delegates hands out sugar packets with pick-up lines and have been doing this since last year with the help of Hannah Hightower, said Hayes Hagan, KY. If delegates are shy, they can bond as a group with the traditions carried by their own delegations. Roses and thorns and warm fuzzies are the usual methods of interaction but some states have mixed it up to get delegates to engage one other more. Amy Sims from Alabama told me about how her group uses a snap cup inspired by the movie Legally Blonde2. Texas uses a system called Secret Pals similar to Secret Santa. The Florida delegation uses pre-CONA time to assign “crews” in which a veteran is assigned a rookie. Other delegations have additional traditions to get their delegates bonded too. The idea is that even when there are new friends to be made on the mountain, you can’t forget the opportunities nearer to you. So make CONnections and spread that CONA love!