By: Eriech Tapia, Oklahoma

Twenty-eight delegates chosen by their states met Saturday night to train to become better at making their delegation feel like a family. These delegates make up the CONA 2013 Round Table Committee.

Many ideas were discussed including a toilet paper game during which delegates share a fact about themselves for every sheet of toilet paper they roll onto their arm. The delegates also played a game of Roses and Thorns, wherein the delegates share the best and worst parts of their day.

Every evening, state delegations meet in a central location close to their rooms to discuss what happened during the day, including the good and the bad. This activity helps each delegation become one big family. “I hope that people will leave in a more positive way than they arrived in,” said Alyssa Mastronardi, the Texas round table leader. Brock Trotter, the Oklahoma round table leader, said, “As a family grows around the dinner table, a delegation grows around the round table chair.”

At night, the roundtable leader uses a Bible verse to guide the lesson and keep everybody on a positive note. The themes center on the YMCA’s Core Values. Mark Rutkowski, the New York state director, facilitated the meeting for all round table leaders. Each state director also can assist their round table leaders to make sure the meetings accomplish their goals.