By Kristie Chua and Carter Coudriet

Staff Writers
Though CONA lasted less than a week, delegates from across the nation spent a great deal of time carefully considering which articles of clothing to bring prior to arrival. This week, men sported a variety of bowties, ties, vests, and suits while the ladies pulled out pantsuits, skirts, and plenty of dresses. Every outfit from First Committee to General Assembly was planned out with care, as were the shoes and hair to accompany each choice.
Nearly every delegation brought with them a unique state t-shirt. The hippies from Florida went all-out Sunday with their groovy “hippie bus” t-shirt, vests, and other 70’s apparel. Some of the most coveted shirts were from the Arizona and North Carolina delegations, with Hunger Games and Hangover themes respectively. However, the classiest shirt was from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, whose blue shirts sported business in the front with a green bowtie but a party in the back.
All in all, this week at CONA has not only been abundant in state prise, but in great fashion as well.