By Shelby Sanchez, Texas

Staff Writer

On June 26th, 2012, Miss Lanie Jackson of Asheville, North Carolina was attacked by her cat, Fluffy. Miss Jackson was admitted to Mission hospital, where she then received anti-bacterial shots and had her wounds cleaned and dressed. Unfortunately it was too late; Miss Jackson had been subjected to a strand of Toxoplasmosa gondii, a commodity half of the world’s population has contracted. Unlike the rest of the world, however, Miss Jackson had contracted a much stronger strand–a super strand.

The average strand of Toxoplasmosa gondii already has the ability to drastically change the behavior of its host, causing them to behave recklessly, irrationally, and without remorse.  Rats who contract the average strand, for example, are drawn to cats rather than fearing them. They do this due to the parasite’s desire to transfer hosts; transfer can happen through something as simple as a bite. The super strand heightens these behavioral differences.

By June 29th, 2012 the super strand had taken full effect on Miss Jackson, “she was a shell of her former self,” according a surviving family member who also stated, “She was living more by instinct than by humanity.”

The first of many to have been bitten and infected by Miss Jackson was her 23 year old neighbor, Ralph McAllister. He completely fell to the control of the parasite at a much quicker pace, meaning he began to infect others much sooner. The parasite has spread faster than anyone could have possibly ever possibly imagined, infecting all of North Carolina by early morning July 3rd, 2012. The only people unaffected by this epidemic are those attending CONA at the Blue Ridge Assembly.

These 600 people are now awaiting their encounter with the infected anticipating them at the bottom of the mountain. No one knows what will happen to those at Blue Ridge, as the Federal Government is enforcing a strict quarantine, forbidding military forces from penetrating the borders of North Carolina.

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