Carter Coudriet, Missouri

Staff Writer

The menu featured outside the Eureka Shoppe shows four signature Eureka Treats, a three
dollar dessert that mixes ice cream and different toppings. These unique Eureka Treat names are each
named after a major contributor to the Conference on National Affairs experience.
The Willis D. Weatherford is a combination of everybody’s favorites, containing chocolate ice
cream, Oreos, and Reese’s. After finding the beautiful Black Mountain on which CONA is held,
Weatherford yelled “Eureka!” thus inspiring the name of conference’s favorite snack. “You can’t go
wrong with the Willis D. Weatherford,” stated Laura, one of the Eureka Shoppe workers.
The Waterfowl Eureka Treat was created by the Montgomery, Alabama based Britton YMCA,
which helps organize much of the backstage operation at CONA. Every year, the Britton volunteers find a
different mascot to represent them, with this year’s being the duck-like bird. As a combination of
Snickers, Oreos, and swirled ice cream, the Waterfowl is a diversely tasty treat.
The Bobfather is composed of Bob McGaughey’s favorites- chocolate ice cream, Heath candy,
and Butterfingers. Bob McGaughey is the Conference Director at Blue Ridge, a title that surely warrants
its own Eureka Treat. Samuel T. Adams, the Assistant Conference Director, also has earned his own
‘Blizzard’-like dessert called the Sammy T.
Although one can place custom orders, the featured Eureka Treats are great ways to continue
one of CONA’s most satisfying traditions.