By Kyle Denman, Ohio

Staff Writer


Assistant Conference Director Sam Adams, whose favorite Eureka Treat is named after him, has been involved in CONA for roughly 18 years now. He started out as a delegate in 1994.

During his four years in college, he worked at CONA as a college staff member. Since he graduated in 1999, he has worked full time with the Montgomery, Alabama YMCA. As time and technology have advanced, Adams has seen several notable changes from when he was a delegate.The scoring ballots are an example of such change, as in the past they were full-sized sheets of paper given out after all proposals in committees.

He also believes that no one leaves the mountain the same as they were when they arrived. Everyone changes by taking opportunities to grow and learn. Much of this development comes from the interaction among people on the mountain. Specifically, Adams considers Lee Hall his favorite place on the mountain, because it is such a hub for exchanging ideas. He believes that by challenging themselves, delegates learn from their peers, takingunique experience back to their states and bringing new outlooks on their lives.