By Ed Sharrod and Levi Orr, Multistate Delegation

We are happy to join with you this week in what will go the greatest demonstration of teen communication in the history of CONA and of our nation.

Five score and six years ago, a great American in whose symbolic shadow we stand exclaimed “Eureka.” This emblematic institution was founded upon caring, respect, responsibility, faith, and honesty.

But this year, it comes as a surprise that our delegations have experienced an undue number of challenges. Being a small delegation is hard. We can’t reach the door handles and we need full rope gear to reach the top of the mountain (a.k.a. the steps of Lee Hall).  These issues may seem like odd problems to have, but when you’re an inch tall (because you’re a small delegation), these are the struggles of everyday life on the mountain.

We have a dream that one day, in the rocking chairs on the Lee Hall porch, the posterity of Maine and Idaho may rock and share a Eureka Treat with the giant delegations of CONA, equally represented.

We have a dream that one day, our predecessors of small delegations may sit at the tables of brotherhood in the BRC and upstage even D.C. with the spirits of our chants.

We have a dream that one day, small delegations will be able to bring more than one or two delegates to represent the greatness of their respective states.

One day CONA will be flooded with the proposals, the debates, and the spirits of these currently small delegations.  When you want to climb the trees of Black Mountain the first thing you need is the inspiration.  CONA has offered us the inspiration to gain more delegates in our states, so one day we may climb the trees together and proclaim, “Eureka! We have found it.”

Respectively submitted,

The Great State of Maine and The Great State of Idaho