By Miranda McLaughlin

Staff Writer

When you arrive at Black Mountain and pull up in front of Lee Hall, the first things you notice are the clusters of green rocking chairs that cover the porch. What is the history behind these rocking chairs, you ask? When Dr. Willis D. Weatherford founded the Blue Ridge Assembly in 1906, upon seeing the view from the top of the mountain, Weatherford exclaimed “Eureka!” instantly filled with wonder and awe of the natural beauty that stood before him. The rocking chairs are strategically placed on the porch of Lee Hall because of the enchanting view of the Black Mountains from the porch. They are there for people to sit and gaze at the horizon, providing an escape from any burdens or struggles which may distract from inner growth and concentration. It gives onlookers an opportunity to momentarily escape everything else and truly admire the beautiful country in which we are so blessed to live. When asked what they feel when sitting on the porch, delegates said that rocking in the green rocking chairs gives them a sense of peace and happiness. Rocking chairs are not only a symbol of CONA, but also of the friendships and memories that are made while here. Also, the rocking chairs are a symbol of the Blue Ridge spirit; “the positive, friendly, welcoming attitude that brings joy and energy to the participating delegates and advisors at CONA”, says Ohio delegate Kyle Denman. There are few pleasures more simply fulfilling than kicking back at sunset with some new friends, a cold Cheerwine in your hands and a warm smile on your face, while slowly rocking back and forth in one of Lee Hall’s famous green rocking chairs, embracing the calmness within.