By Maggie Booz, North Carolina

Co-Layout Editor

Many delegations buy Cheerwine in bulk when they come to CONA. North Carolinians buy it anytime they please.

To delegates from North Carolina, the culture and environment on the mountain is everyday life, but we celebrate it just the same. In fact, we North Carolinians take pride in sharing our culture with teen-agers from all corners of the United States.

It goes without saying that Tarheels adore Cheerwine in the same fervent fashion as delegates from Minnesota and California (However, we do not subsist on the beverage during the conference). In addition, contrary to popular belief, whilewe have the ability to buy Cheerwine at the majority of local grocery stores, North Carolinians drink other beverages, too.

Meanwhile, the temperamental Blue Ridge weather does not faze us. North Carolinians are accustomed to stifling humidity, 15-minute long “hurricanes” and temperatures in the upper nineties. While we sympathize with overheated Northerners at CONA, we advise people to deal with the heat with a nice glass of sweet tea (or Cheerwine).

At the same time, Tarheels love introducing our CONA friends to the world of Southern fashion. Seersucker Tuesday is our specialty – we love this classy Southern fashion, and it is a great way to deal with the heat.

Just as bowties are a staple of CONA, they also area necessary accessory in North Carolina. All dapper Southern gentlemen sport the fashion while holding open doors for girls.

This brings me to a part of North Carolinian culture that my new CONA friends have commented on – Southern hospitality. While many girls are swooning as Tarheel men hold open doors, North Carolina girls accept this as a perk of life. We hospitably love to share our boys, Cheerwine, and even humidity with out of state delegates. We hope “y’all” enjoy your week in our state.