By Kristie Chua, Colorado

Staff Writer

 Today, delegates wore business casual clothing in order to look nice in the conference picture. Bowties, dresses, blouses and skirts were sported, as well as delegation t-shirts and khakis. The Texas delegation all wore blue dress shirts while other states collaborated to stand out in the conference picture of over 700 delegates.

In addition to formal dresses, skirts, and dress pants, women delegates showed up with trendy shoes. Flats, gladiator sandals, and heels were seen among other footwear to perfectly compliment the business casual attire.
When asked how many pairs of shoes women delegates brought with them to the conference, the average amount was 7 pairs with the highest amount recorded at 12 pairs.
As for the male delegates, bowties made an appearance; they came in virtually every color and pattern to make each unique.