By Shelby Sanchez, Texas

Staff Writer

Music, also known as the sounds of life, often plays an important role in the lives of many people; especially the lives of teenagers who are inspired of a favorite artist or an instrumental that puts the mind at ease. As well as being inspired, many people inspire others with music. Music is a enormous part of life, and the speaking power it has with people is certainly undeniable.

It’s been said that music stands in for the words you cannot find; more specifically, “music is the language of the soul,” according to Javaris Bradford of the Wisconsin delegation. However, music is not limited to these definitions; instead it surpasses them, “giving meaning to life,” as Wayne Ingram of the Alabama delegation puts it. “There is a song for every moment,” he adds.

As a way of giving meaning to life, music of all kinds “gives us a different way of displaying our emotions without talking,” as put by Maggie Sowisdral, of the North Carolina delegation. Every song has meaning behind it; music is based in passion and heart. “Music can even dictate what you feel,” according to Bradford. “It enhances [your] feelings,” says Devon Schoeneman of Alabama. When you feel happy beyond comprehension, there is a song that explains that exact feeling; there was an artist that once had that same feeling. That artist took all their emotions, any and every feeling they have and manipulated it into words and notes and rhythms to portray that same feeling to others, in a manner a majority of us could never do.

Amazingly so, this thing we call music becomes a part of us. As Bradford put it, “Music is like my mom. I wake up to her, and I go to bed to her… She speaks to our minds and our bodies more than even we realize, she moves us.”