By Rachel Persaud

Staff Writer

On Saturday, I took my first step onto the porch of Lee Hall and realized its importance. After a few handshakes and a surprising number of hugs, delegates began to beg me for something to trade. Since trading is such a huge deal on the mountain, I’ve compiled a list of the more humorous and unique memorabilia available.

Virginia has tri-corner hat pins, symbolic of the first colonists. They also have “Virginia is for CONA lovers” tattoos, their CONA t-shirt embracing an anti-darting and anti-chanting campaign, and a YMCA water bottle.

Massachusetts features a pin with the flag of the United States and Massachusetts, a t-shirt resembling the Dunkin Donuts logo, as well as Dunkin Donut visors.

The pin of Wisconsin is very simple, with the word “moo” as its prominent feature. The shirt features the cow again with a lightning-shaped scar upon its forehead. The caption below says, “Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth – Albus Dumbledore.”

Last, but not least, is the rare and coveted Arizona tee. While Arizona had no pin this year, they proudly will trade you one of their Hunger Games shirts. Emblazoned on the shirt: a fiery design captioned “Arizona: The State on Fire.”