Nine out of 10 Plenary session proposals passed during the 2011 YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs.

The nine proposals that passed were:

  • 254 by Evan Ford, Tennessee, which prohibits collective bargaining with public school teachers
  • 547 by Maria Peeples, Wisconsin, which provides federal funding for emergency contraception for sexual assault victims
  • 118 by Zara Mohidin, California, which gives constitutional protection for obscene speech
  • 162 by Shannon McDermott, Minnesota, which restricts factory farms and allows cap and trade on small farm waste
  • 357 by Steven Ganshaw, North Carolina, and Jalen Chapman, New York, which mandates organ harvesting
  • 99 by Tyler Gross, Michigan; Sarah Brophy, Delaware; and Melissa Weaver, Mississippi, which excludes sexual history as a screening mechanism for blood and sperm donation
  • 68 by Dylan Slinger, Minnesota, which provides less money for the general defense and more funding for urgent military action
  • 549 by Katie Cronmiller, Wisconsin, which stops federal funding for purity balls
  • 429 by Tucker Cholvin, Washington, which creates a cycled regional presidential primary system

The lone failed proposal was 537 by Sam Ingalls, Louisiana, which would have repealed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009. Congratulations to all of the proposal authors who made it to Plenary!