By Akayla Mazza, MUN

2011 Presiding Officer Stephanie Pinkalla served as a CONA delegate for three years. When she attended the conference as a delegate, none of her proposals made it past Third Committee. Her favorite proposal was on a child credit system, where every American was allowed only two children, but could trade their child “credit” to someone else so that they were allowed four children.

Her best CONA memory is “definitely the hike, and that breathtaking view at the top of the Mountain.” She currently is a sophomore at the College of St. Johns in northern Minnesota, where she drives a black Kia Sportage nicknamed “Lia the Kia.”

If she could have done anything differently about CONA, she says she wishes she “wouldn’t have waited until my last year to really talk in committee” and would have tried to “make more connections,” and “stayed closer in touch with all of the amazing people that I met.”

One of her favorite parts about being a presiding officer is seeing all the strange behavior delegates exhibit. “This one kid pulled out his piece of gum, wrapped it around his ear, and stuck it back inside his mouth,” she said.

Outside of CONA, her interests include “just being outside.” She adds that she loves to hike and kayak. An interesting fact about her is that she only uses blue pens. “I do have a purple pen that I use sometimes, but only rarely,” and “it always bothers me when I start writing something in blue pen and then Joe comes over and adds on to it in a black pen.”

She advises all delegates to cherish the friends they make here, and to stay in touch once you leave the Mountain.