By Valencia Harper, Ohio

Presiding Officer Kate Wagner, a student at Washington University in St. Louis, feels so incredibly lucky to be one of the few delegates to be granted an extra year on the mountain. As PO, she said she finds it easier to be herself and put into practice her passion for politics and current events. Being a PO has been a different experience for Wagner. She doesn’t necessarily know if she prefers being a PO over a delegate. “Sometimes it is hard to hold my tongue during debate!” she said. But this week has been an awesome experience. Wagner’s favorite General Assembly highlight was being able to listen completely to the debate. She said she heard many memorable statements. Her favorite moment was passage of the civil union proposal by Kahn Brach from D.C. She says it is such a relevant issue with the recent activity in New York State.
The favorite proposal she has written was last year’s proposal to require ingredient lists in restaurants. She liked this because it was widely supported also; it was the most personal to her. “A few months before writing my proposal, I was diagnosed with fructose intolerance after 10 years without diagnosis. My adjustment to my fructose-free diet was the inspiration for the proposal.”
Debate has been impressed with the delegates, who have been extremely eager to be heard. When she worked in Heaton GA, they extended debate more than once. “I hope you all are enjoying the debate as much as I am,” Wagner said. “It is difficult to avoid spirit fingers as so many great ideas come forth!”