Akayla Mazza, MUN

Some of the best CONA memories involve friends. Friends from afar, friends that are new, and friends that undoubtedly remain for a lifetime.
Carina Edlin of Kentucky remembers last year’s conference, when our friends from the Marshall Islands traveled 7,000 miles to attend. However, some of our friends come from much closer places. Matt Roarty of Delaware states his favorite memory as quite simply “Derek Summerville.”
Conference Director Bob McGaughey recalled one of his favorites from 1985, when former President Ronald Reagan made a live telephone address to all the conference members. Some memories of the conference are much simpler.
Texas’ advisor Nathan Copper reminisces about sitting on the big green rocking chairs of Lee Hall, passing the time with some of his best CONA friends and a few cans of Cheerwine. Be it twenty years ago, or just last night, these memories, and these friends are what make this conference such a memorable experience.