By: Taner Davis, Oklahoma

Wednesday will be a step back from the heated words of argument and the pens and pencils. Wednesday will bring the excitement and the lax environment of swimming, hiking, and most importantly sleeping. As Wednesday draws near, the question begins to surface: “How will you spend Wednesday’s free time?”
Here are options available to all delegates:
• Travel to the Biltmore Mansion: tour the late 1800s building that is currently the largest privately owned estate in the US. With an indoor heated pool and an indoor bowling alley, what isn’t there to love about the dream home?
• Hike the mountain: with the option of the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ hike, travel to the highest point of the mountain, “High Windy”, as well as take photos of wildlife one may pass, and even receive a motivational speech once all delegates reach the top. The hike approximately takes 3 hours.
• Belly Flop Contest: It’s loud, it’s proud, and it’s striking to water like a boulder. BELLYFLOP! Compete in the YMCA Belly Flop contest in which the bigger the crash, the greater the splash.
• Tennis: Maybe one fancies the doubles and deuces. Duke it out with a rally of the greats on the tennis courts with fellow delegates, and maybe even some advisers!
• Ultimate Frisbee: Pass, catch, pivot, throw. It doesn’t matter how you throw it as long as the other team doesn’t snatch it away! Get the Frisbee to the goal ASAP and score points to vanquish your opponents.
• Sleeping: I mean really, who couldn’t use a nice nap after one’s hard work at CONA?
Whether the guilt of being active is over your head, or the soothing feel of a blanket snuggling you to sleep, it is up to you how you spend this once-in-a-CONA free time experience. Play hard (and sleep harder!).