By: Jessie High, Oklahoma

Many first year delegates are overwhelmed by their first moments on the Mountain and are quickly welcomed by hugging and smiling Michigan delegates. It’s tradition. Returning delegates smile in the dining hall as Washington D.C. shouts “Barack Obama city”. Returning delegates are happy and proud to share the booming spirit and old traditions they know and love with the newer delegates. From the first dart throw and chant at lunch, we are thrown into the crazy feeling lovingly called the Blue Ridge Spirit. Many all-time favorites are tried and true: Eureka treats, pin trading, and those combined states like Flotucky. Both Taner Davis, OK and Aston Avery, LA agree that the dart game is their favorite tradition. As Cheerwine, state shirts, friendly debate, and Lee hall rocking chairs fill our week, we will make sure to enjoy them while we’re here and miss them when we go back to our states.