By: Shelby Sanchez, Texas

We are attending the Conference on National Affairs, hosted at the beautiful Blue Ridge Assembly, a place that has been around for more than a hundred years and enjoyed by thousands of people. Dr. Willis D. Weatherford Senior founded the Assembly on October 6, 1906, when he exclaimed “Eureka, we have found it!” Indeed he had.
The first conference was held in 1912, when only Robert E. Lee Hall existed with the ability to only hold about 400 people. Since then, the size of Lee Hall has increased along with the size of the entire assembly. The Blue Ridge Assembly now has seven halls along with multiple cabins and staff residencies, where many more people can catch the Blue Ridge Spirit at once. We have changed from the people of the 1900s, where girls only wore dresses and skirts, and guys shaved with a bowie knife. But we are the people of the 21st century, more specifically the people of 2011. Now, girls wear pants and guys shave with seven-blade razors. However, every delegate who has experienced CONA, then or now, has fallen in love with the Blue Ridge experience. One of the experiences shared among all of the delegates is sitting on the Lee Hall porch, rocking in the traditional green rocking chairs.
One day we will be figures of history, and this conference that united us is the beginning of our stories. And these are our principles as members of the Blue Ridge Assembly:
• There is dignity in all labor. Anything ministering to human need is a God given task.

• Every person must be intellectually respectable and learn to think.

• Religion is indispensable to building life values.

• One person must believe in the dignity and worth of individual persons as created in the image of God and worthy of love and respect.