By: Taner Davis, Oklahoma

Green rockers, white pillars, and stalking ground for mischievous darters- for 44 years the porch of Robert E Lee Hall has served as the connection of all CONA delegates. From housing up top, to the Committees in the wings, most of us will travel into this fortification of political and religious freedom with fiery opinions, a debate-driven mouth, and an outreaching heart for fellow debaters and most importantly friends that will connect from the lands of all directions around the globe. We call this common meeting point: Lee Hall. Along with the vast lobby, in the left wing is the treasure trove of delectable snacks; namely, Eureka Treats and Cheerwine. We continue to live and meet in this building of tales, and we need to keep its pristine floors and colors by leaving “no evidence” behind us so that future CONA-ers can experience the chairs and cheers for conferences to come. We all love the environment that CONA produces for our experiences and to many, Lee Hall is where it is all at. Friends on the steps and mountains with the crystal rain in the distance, the porch offers the best view of all, and if it could speak, any delegate could be inspired by its stories.