By: Ashton Avery, Louisiana

Attention delegates: You are at risk of being hit with poison darts!  If you hear your name, your initial reaction is to turn and look to see who called for you.  BIG MISTAKE! Your first reaction should be to place your hand over your neck, so as to protect it from being hit with the dart.  This is the number one rule of the game of darts. Do not take it lightly.

By now, every delegate has probably been subject to this game, either by darting others or saving delegates from “death by dart.”  There is, however, some controversy over the rules and regulations of this infamous game.  For clarification, the rules are as follows:

1. You must call your victim by their name or nickname and shoot immediately after.
2. Your victim must make eye contact before you fire.

3. You may not dart someone who has pre-existing eye contact with you – only those who turn and look when their name is called.
4. Your victim must be standing at least ten feet away from you.
5. If hit, you must stop whatever you are doing and fall to the floor.
6. You may not get up until someone removes the dart from your neck.
7. The victim cannot attempt to shoot back. Holding a blowgun in the face of another blowgun does not constitute a valid block.

8. You may not block your own neck and shoot at the same time.
9. You can only block your neck if your name is called. You may not cover your neck in any   situation in which you are not in immediate danger.

10. If your name was not called prior to being darted, you are safe.
11. There are no safe zones. A darter also does not miss: assume they have perfect aim.

12. Shooting through glass is allowed, as long as the person hears their name being called. You may also shoot someone through a reflection in a mirror.
13. The only exception is that you are temporarily safe if it would put you in danger. Your head landing in your food does not count, but missing a committee meeting does!

Remember: the game NEVER stops. And you are always playing, no matter what.

      This game of darts has gotten very serious at CONA this year.  Delegates are falling left and right and some are growing tired of saving the victims.  Others, however, like to see the victims die a painfully slow death.  But do not forget the Golden Rule that you were taught during childhood, because it certainly applies to this game.  If you dart someone, expect to be darted back; if you refuse to save the life of a victim, expect to die a torturous death.

      Be cautious with every step you make and every person you look at, for you know not when you may fall victim to the poison dart. And so I leave you with just two words of advice: delegates beware!