(393)NAME: David Hays, Model UN
TITLE: Rectifying a heinous violation of human rights: banning capital punishment from the United States of America.
MAJOR AREAS TO BE AFFECTED: Due to current nationwide misjudgment, the banning of capital punishment in the United States would remove over 3,300 inmates who currently sit, violated on death row. Further, all legal systems would have to be revised so that naive juries cannot estrange criminals from their basic right to life and freedom from draconian punishment. When the moral remedy is provided, more prison space will be needed to that inmates will be able to suffer in confinement for their life, rather than having their life mercifully taken from them.
SUMMARY: “Our founding fathers signed a sacred document into law, that provided protection from ‘cruel and unusual punishment,’ forcibly ending a man’s life is a direct violation fir this provision. Further, the UN Declaration of Human Rights decrees that all humans shall be free from ‘unhumane, or degrading treatment or punishment.”

(271)NAME: Jared Thompson, Kentucky
TITLE: A proposal to abolish the death penalty in all fifty states.
MAJOR AREAS TO BE AFFECTED: The United States prison and Court systems
SUMMARY: “Not only does the death penalty fall under cruel and unusual punishment (as defined by the 8th Amendment), it is also an ineffective deterrent.”