Does anyone really know what a Conference Live Committee’s (CLC) job is? Since, all the work of a CLC is done behind the scenes the staff of the Blue Ridge Journal went into investigation to see what is life like as a CLC.

The typical day of a CLC starts at about 6:00am, getting ready to go to their mysterious meetings at 7:00am while everyone else is still sleeping or just waking up. After talking with some of this year’s CLC’s it was realized how much really gets done at these meetings. In a way a CLC is like the glue between the delegations, the PO’s and other conference staff. They keep everyone up to date with what’s going on throughout the whole week on the mountain.

At all the meetings they discuss many different topics to improve the conference for the future years. They discuss things like ideas on ways to change the mountain manual for the next year, business for the day, problems any delegates have about the program and the consent calendar for plenary. The meetings vary from day to day and they are led by a different PO every morning, the PO of the day.

The CLC’s are very passionate about what they do and are very proud of the work they do throughout the week here at CONA. In conclusion, the CLC’s are a key asset of our time on the mountain this week. They are the base of communication on the mountains.

~ McKenna Bocik